An Interview with Giving Gifts and Company

An Interview with Giving Gifts and Company

Below is an interview we did with Lisa from Giving Gifts and Company. Original blog post found here.

Who are you and what do you do?
Craftedvan is made up of two of us, Erica and Diana. We specialize in magnetic bookmarks, locally made from Vancouver. We take inspiration from around us, hide in our craft room and make bookmarks while enjoying our favourite shows and snacks! We put love, care and expertise into every item we create.

Erica and Diana in Japan holding pens

When did you start and how has your business changed over time? 
It was created 5 years ago by our obsession with creating and has grown with our addiction of bringing smiles to customers’ faces when they open up a book. It began with a variety of different products. After seeing how well our magnetic bookmarks did, we knew it was best to focus on one product and do it well. Since then, we've been able to expand to other products such as mugs, prints, greeting cards, pins and fridge magnets!

Teapot, Cactus and Bubble Tea Pins

How do you like to work?
WE LOVE WORKING ON OUR COUCHES. It's the best method to watch TV shows and make our bookmarks 😊 We moved into a studio space eventually. It really helped with our productivity!

Craftedvan Whale Shark, and Shark Bookmarks

What inspires you in your art? 
Our customers and online supporters definitely determine what we make. They inspire us to be silly and creative 😊 

What is your favourite piece you create and why? 
The coffee magnetic bookmark set is one of our favourite products that we make because we love coffee just as much as many of our customers do!

Craftedvan Alpaca and Coffee Bookmarks

What do you like being part of Giving Gifts?
We love that we are a part of something bigger! Lisa, the store owner, puts her heart and soul into every detail of the store and truly cares about her vendors!

Do you have words of advice for other artists entrepreneurs? 
Go with your gut and your passion. We loved that we were bringing back something fun to reading and books. It just felt right to focus on that and craftedvan has taken off from there. 

Make Each Day A Page Worth Marking Sign

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