Retired Bookmarks

With so many designs, we have to retire some in order to make room for new ones. But we believe that each bookmark has a story and should not be forgotten. This page is to remember the bookmarks that once existed <3 If you have one of these, you're lucky and hang tight to it! And if you happen to see one you absolutely love? Email us, we'll see what we can do :)


Moustache FrontMoustache Back

Moustaches - We made these bad boys as a fundraising campaign for Movember many years ago. Although, they are retired, they are as distinguished as ever. They keep each other company often :)


Alien PretzelAlien back

Alien and Spaceship - This guy was abducted into retirement. He enjoys his time floating through space.


GnomeGnome back

Garden Gnome - Made for a bright and green craftedvan subscription plan, this garden gnome was plucked from someones front yard and is now retired on this page.


Vespa FrontVespa back

Vespa - Vroom vroom, this bookmark sped off the website ;)


Golden ShepherdGolden Shepherd back

Golden Shepherd - This guy didnt quite meet the golden retriever standards nor the German Shepherd standards of dog enthusiasts. But he's still such a cute mutt!


Hampster FrontHampster back

Hampster - This bookmark was always requested when we didn't have him available at craft fairs. The capybara attempted to take his spot many times.


Washi Tape FrontWashi Tape Back

Washi Tape - These were retired. As cute as they are, people preferred real washi tape over bookmark washi tape.


Screaming Orange Tabby Cat FrontScreaming Orange Tabby Cat Back

Screaming Orange Tabby Cat - Ok. This cat was scaring the other bookmarks in our shop. For the safety of other bookmarks, he had to retire.


Camping FrontCamping back

Camping Set - These bookmarks had their fun in the early summer Craftedvan days around the campfire toasting marshmallows. Summer is over and they have now retired to their lives indoors.


Notebook FrontNotebook back

Notebook jumbo - What more can we say? He failed his Craftedvan exams.

Ampersand Pretzelamersand pretzel back

Ampersand Pretzel - This one was our type of pretzel - unique, salty, & does not care what others think! Standing out from the rest with it's stylish ways.

Reading GlassesReading Glasses (Back)

Reading Glasses - One of our few bookmarks without eyes and a smile! Clearly, that was exactly what was missing! 

Blue Sad Penguinsad blue penguin (back)

Sad Blue Penguin - Inspired by Sadness from the movie Inside Out. This penguin stood out from the rest of our smiling bookmarks and ended up hiding behind the scenes most of the time.