Craftedvan Gives Back

We thank you to all of you who have participated and donated in our previous charity campaigns. We are grateful for the opportunity to use our platform to do good for the world and things true to our heart <3 

Below are some initiatives we've done in the past!

Through a buy one give one campaign we donated 341 bookmarks to the children at the BC Children's Hospital. Each with a special handwritten note from a customer or us!

We were able to raise $1114 for The Australian Fire Relief by donating 100% of Koala and Kangaroo bookmarks and cards!

Donated red panda magnetic bookmarks and fridge magnets to the Toronto Zoo to support Red Panda Conservation

We were able to raise $401 for the BC Wild Fires by donating 100% of mystery bookmark sales!

We were able to raise $1,933 for the Fort McMurray Fires during a flash 48 hour sale! The government also doubled all donations, totalling to: $3,866 for Red Cross Canada.